Tallinn - Made by Sanutal

Tallinn - Made by Sanutal

High efficient counterflow heat exchanger

The trend in the construction sector is to reduce CO2 emissions by designing or converting low energy consumption housing and workspaces. These highly insulated homes and buildings require mechanical ventilation in order to maintain a healthy indoor climate. Since we need to limit energy consumption, Sanutal offers you a ventilation system with heat recovery. Together with our team of highly specialised technical experts, Sanutal will help you make the right choice when it comes to an efficient ventilation system to guarantee your healthy indoor climate.

The benefits of System D with heat recovery:

Provides ventilation with filtered air, thus purifying the air in the home.

Reduces your energy bill considerably.

Uses super-insulated glass and window frames, preventing the influx of cold air. The cold air is heated to a pleasant room temperature.

Provides a quiet living environment by blocking out external noise.

System D is the most efficient ventilation system and has been recognised by the government with the highest ‘E-peil’ (Energy-performance) points! (http://www.epbd.be/media/pdf/donnees_produits_peb/product_data/4.4_ventil_NL.pdf)

The Tallinn ventilation unit with heat recovery brings together the elements required for a healthy and comfortable mechanical ventilation.

Ventilation can be adjusted depending on the specific needs per room

Stale air is automatically withdrawn and replaced with fresh air

Energy-saving, thanks to the heat transferred from the stale air withdrawn to the new air brought in

This heated fresh air guarantees a quiet, draft-free indoor climate

Prevents moisture problems and mildew in the home

Can be used in combination with ventilation by opening windows

Prevents health problems such as headaches and respiratory difficulties

Significantly increases the quality of the fresh air indoors.

The reduction in energy consumption means that the potential for CO2 emissions will also be reduced.

Tallinn - Made by Sanutal