MétéoRe thermique

To economise what?

La semaine passée, les personnes équipées d’un chauffe-eau solaire ont économisé

This corresponds to the amount of water heated by the sun during the past week.

The data are calculated using the sunshine measurements made by MRI and its stations are corrected through monitoring systems in operation in several homes.

For any solar installation?

The reference is an installation of two thermal flat plate collectors (optical surface of 4.64 m²) inclined at 35 °, facing south, with an insulated storage tank of 300 liters.

The possible additional (top up) is provided by a wall heater gas placed in series.

It is considered that the facility is used by a household of four people, consuming on average 130 liters domestic hot water daily.

And at your place?

Your production can be different for various reasons:

  1. Your panels have a different orientation.
  2. You have a panel surface and / or a different storage volume.
  3. You consume more or less than 130 liters of hot water per day.