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Frequently asked questions:

? Can I open windows while the ventilation system is running?

You can open your windows at any time, but doing so specifically for ventilation will no longer be necessary. A comfortable ventilation system with heat recovery will regulate this for you far more efficiently. The system automatically ensures the supply of fresh air and the indoor air quality, day and night, regardless of the season or time. The ventilation system makes a meaningful contribution to combating climate change by being extremely energysaving during the heating period.

? Will my energy consumption increase when I use the ventilation system with heat recovery?

Quite the contrary, using a ventilation system with heat recovery will considerably reduce your energy consumption. The savings from the energy of the output air will be 15 to 20 times more than the amount of energy you need to run the system’s EC-fan motors. This means big savings for you.

? Is the attic the best place to install the ventilation unit?

This is done in most houses, and there is nothing wrong with it as such. However, we would add a few notes.

• The attic is not always easy to reach for maintenance of the unit.

• When it is installed in the attic, the unit is out of sight and the maintenance may be forgotten.

• With a properly installed ventilation system with heat recovery, the air supply needs to be provided via wall discharge. In the case of attic installation, this is usually done through a sloped roof, which is an incorrect installation.

• In the attic, the unit is closest to the rooms where it is quietest (such as bedrooms), which could be disruptive.

If we consider all of these points, and we install the unit in a storage space or garage on the ground floor where there is plenty of room on the ceiling, we can solve all of the disadvantages of attic installation in one go!

? How do I prevent pollution from entering my ventilation system?

The polluted particles of dust in the outdoor air are collected by the filter that is built into the ventilation unit. By using ducts with a smooth surface, dust particles are prevented from sticking together. The duct system has been designed in such a way that it is simple to clean mechanically.

? Is the maintenance required by the ventilation system with heat recovery a disadvantage?

If a ventilation system with built-in filters was not used, the dust particles would no longer be centrally collected, but would be distributed throughout the entire interior and/or in our lungs. The use of filters prevents this and actually makes the quality of the air indoors better than outdoors. What’s more, you can install a fine particle or pollen filter to keep these pollutants out as well. All it takes to enjoy these many benefits is to vacuum our filters 3 times a year and replace them annually.

FAQ Tallinn